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Interview with Mattias Karlsson: Dolphin's DAISY expert explains EasyReader Express

Image of Mattias KarlssonDolphin is extremely proud to present Mattias Karlsson as our resident DAISY expert. With over 14 years experience in developing and maintaining the DAISY talking book standard, Mattias knows more than a thing or two.

In this interview, Dolphin's Jeff Bazer asks Mattias about his experiences in contributing to the original DAISY specification, and the development of Dolphin's latest talking book delivery service; EasyReader Express.

EasyReader Express is an innovative web-based subscription service enabling experienced DAISY talking book providers to "add" an Express version of EasyReader to DAISY talking book content. With EasyReader Express added, readers can to instantly open the DAISY talking book in a fully accessible reader.

Find out everything you need to know about EasyReader Express by listening to Jeff's interview with Mattias (external Link).

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