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Adding EasyReader Express books to your website

This tutorials explains a process to enable you to add your EasyReader Express books to a website.

To add a book with EasyReader Express to your website, Dolphin recommends that you create an installation package for the book.


Why create an installation package?

For readers, downloading your EasyReader Express books needs to be as seamless as possible. By taking three simple steps to create an installation package, you can ensure that your readers download experience is perfectly seamless.

The installation package will group the EasyReader Express book files together, and when opened, will ‘install’ them onto the readers PC ready to play. No unzipping, no extracting, just download and play!

For an example of how seamless the installation package is, download Dolphin’s trial EasyReader Express books today from the Dolphin website.

The installation package instantly opens the EasyReader Express book, and also creates a shortcut on your desktop (“My Dolphin EasyReader Books”) so that you can quickly find and open all your downloaded books from one location.


How to create your own installer package

To add your own installer, follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Download the Nullsoft Scriptable Installation System (NSIS):

The NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) allows you to quickly and easily create an installation package for your EasyReader Express books. This is available as a free download from the Source Forge website:



Step 2: Download the EasyReader Express compiler

The “EasyReader Express Compiler.zip” contains all the files needed to compile your own installation package for your EasyReader Express books. These files have been specifically designed to install the EasyReader Express book to the “documents” folder of the readers PC and create a shortcut to this folder on the reader’s desktop.

The folder contains:

You will need each of these files every time you want to add an installer to an EasyReader Express book, although it is only the “Settings.nsi” that you will need to modify.

Download the EasyReader Express compiler

It is suggested that you store a template of this folder on your PC which you can make a copy of each time you want to create an installation package for an EasyReader Express book.

Step 3: Create an installation package for your talking book

1.      Copy your EasyReader Express book into the folder containing the installer settings files.

Screenshot of EasyReader Express compiler file directory

2.      Open “Settings.nsi” in a text-editor, Notepad will work just fine.

a.      Change the text: “!define BOOK_NAME “Type your book name here” to match the name you want to give your book.

This will specify the name of the installation package. For example, if your EasyReader Express book was called “EasyReader Express Book” as in the above example, then change the text to: “!define BOOK_NAME “EasyReader Express Book”

b.     Change the text “!define BOOK_LOCATION “Type your book location here\” to match the name of the folder where your book is located in.

This tells the installation package where to find your book. In the above example, you would need to change the text to: “!define BOOK_LOCATION “EasyReader Express Book\”.

3.      Save your changes to “Settings.nsi”. You can now close the text-editor.

4.      Next, right-click the “Settings.nsi” file you just modified, and select “Compile NSIS Script.” This will automatically start an application called “MakeNSISW” which creates the installation package for you.


5.      Once “MakeNSISW” has completed successfully, you can use the “Test installer” button to ensure that your EasyReader Express book opens.

6.      Your working folder now contains also contains a new “.exe” file. This is the Installation Package. The installation package is given the name that you specified in the Settings file (in the example, this was !define BOOK_NAME “EasyReader Express Book”)

Screenshot of EasyReader Express file directory, with installation package created

7.      You can now upload the installation package on its own to your website for your readers to quickly and easily download and play your EasyReader Express book. You do not need to include any other files, other than the new installation package file.

Now that you have added an installer to your EasyReader Express book, you can upload the book onto your website for your readers to download, and instantly enjoy.