The reading and writing toolbar for dyslexia

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Frequently Asked Questions about SaySo

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  1. What exactly is a DAISY book?
  2. Can I use SaySo at school?
  3. I have Irlens Syndrome, can SaySo help?
  4. What voices come with SaySo?


  1. Which scanners are compatible with SaySo?
  2. Which portable devices can I save my text to?
  3. I need a PC or Laptop as well as Dolphin software, who do I buy from?


  1. Can I install SaySo over a network?

Try before you Buy

  1. Can I try the software before I buy it?

Using the software

  1. How can SaySo help me with reading?
  2. What programs does SaySo work in?
  3. How can SaySo help me with writing?
  4. How does Bookshelf find books for me to read?
  5. What books can I open in Bookshelf?
  6. Can I use SaySo with a keyboard?