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What's New in this version of SaySo?

Read about the latest update: release notes for 1.04

New in version 1.02 (released: 29/06/2012)

SaySo v1.0.2 includes a whole host of improvements to make SaySo even more solid and reliable, as well as offering new Save As functionality, network improvements, improvements to Bookshelf AND a US translation.

Make DAISY talking books with full heading navigation

SaySo's Save As feature has been improved to create higher quality DAISY books when saving an MS Word document.

In v1.0.2, when saving a Microsoft Word document to DAISY, all the document's headings and images are respected in the conversion. Once opened in a DAISY reader (e.g. Bookshelf reader in SaySo, or a hardware DAISY player), readers can instantly skip between any of these headings.

Network improvements

v1.0.2 includes a number of fixes to improve the deployment of SaySo via networks. To check whether SaySo is suitable for use on your network, contact Dolphin today!

US English translation

SaySo v1.0.2 is now available in UK English, Swedish and US English. The new US English translation includes a US English dictionary and US English Soundalike word list.

Users of the US English version will also be able to use SaySo's Bookshelf to search for, download and read any of the thousands of accessible eBooks offered by Bookshare (using their Bookshare login details).

Improvements to Bookshelf:

RSS reader improvements

New content provider: Seeing Ear


Other fixes:


A number of general performance improvements have been made to SaySo's play feature to improve playback in Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, including:

Fixes have also been made to prevent highlighted text from appearing over the top of SaySo's toolbar


A number of improvements have been made to the way in which SaySo displays definitions for words, including:

Improved consistency when using Check in edit areas on websites

In v1.0.2, users are now prevented from using spell or Soundalike check on documents which cannot be edited (e.g. received emails, web page content).


SaySo's document wash now refreshes a lot quicker when a new document, email or web page is opened

Improved consistency when switching from 'full screen' to 'document only'.


When exporting the AutoCorrect list, the columns now all line up correctly in notepad


When upgrading from v1.0.1 to v1.0.2, the previous settings from v1.0.1 are now carried over to new installation

A number of changes have been made to SaySo's default settings, including:
Mouse pointers are now ON by default


Customers are now able to manually update their v1.0.1 to v1.0.2. Internet updating is being added in a future version.

Additional Bookshelf fixes

Improvements to content management:

Improvements to Bookshelf Reader:

Improvements to online content providers:

Improvements to RSS reader:


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