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What's New in this version of SaySo?

New in version 1.04 (released: 09/09/2013)

SaySo v1.04 includes a range of new features and fixes, making SaySo ideal for use in the workplace as well as in schools and at home.

Support for Citrix and Terminal Server networks

Following extensive testing in Dolphin's test centre, SaySo is now confirmed to support Citrix and Terminal Server network environments.

NEW: SaySo Toolbar skin

SaySo's new toolbar skin

SaySo v1.04 now includes an optional new toolbar. SaySo's new toolbar adopts a Windows 8 skin with vivid, distinctive and simple icon designs, and is available from SaySo's toolbar settings.

NEW: Mini toolbar

SaySo's new mini toolbarSaySo v1.04 now includes a new miniature toolbar to allow users to productively access SaySo's read, check and look up features as they are working.

The mini toolbar appears after selecting text in a supported application, giving users instant reading and writing support for their text selection. Mini toolbar options include:

NEW: Office 2013 support

In ensuring that SaySo is fully compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft applications, SaySo v1.04's supported application list has been extended to include Microsoft Office Word and Outlook 2013.

NEW: Option to switch spelling language

Change the spelling languageSaySo v1.04 now includes an option to quickly switch spelling language. This new feature is ideal for users having to read and write documents in different languages. After switching spelling language, SaySo will offer spelling suggestions and definitions in the chosen language. Users can quickly and easily switch spelling language in SaySo's spelling settings.



UPDATED: EasyBookshelf v2.01

SaySo v1.04 includes the latest version of Dolphin's Bookshelf application; EasyBookshelf.

NEW: Update to EasyBookshelf v2.02 is now available, which includes access to the Load2Learn library of accessible learning materials. If your copy of SaySo includes EasyBookshelf v2.01, next time you open EasyBookshelf, you will be asked if you would like to update to the latest v2.02.


Bug fixes:

In addition to its new functionality, SaySo v1.04 includes a vast array of bug fixes and improvements.

Fixes to Play:

#20457 - SaySo now Plays text selections (using mini toolbar)
#32019 - If you closed a Word document while SaySo was reading, then SaySo would continue reading to the end of the sentence
#30607- Fix for SaySo reading PDFs using Adobe Reader 10 & 11 on Win8
#31215 - Play works with Mozilla Firefox v21 and later

Fixes to Colours:

#25381 - Colour wash flickered when changing windows
#32017 - Colour wash now correct when using multiple monitors
#29592 - Highlighting correct when Windows fonts are scaled

Fixes to Soundalikes:

#31483 - To move to the next / previous page of Soundalikes, you can now right click anywhere on screen

Fixes to Check:

#27982 - SaySo opened multiple check dialogs
#20749 - Spell checker pastes incorrect text in IE8

Fixes to Save As:

#25182 - Save As now converts a document that has not already been saved
#25183 - Save As now overwrites an existing output with the correct name
#24498 - Save As fox for saving text only DTB from Adobe Reader

Fixes to Toolbar:

#24210 - Sometimes toolbar stayed hidden when docked
#22463 - Background colour of toolbar is the same when docked and when undocked
#32145 - Toolbar now docks correctly when using multiple monitors
32193 - Toolbar now keyboard accessible when docked to side of screen

Fixes to Installation:

#23181 - Installation speed improved on Win7 64-Bit
#24823 - Fixed issue with extending SaySo subscriptions

Fixes to Networking:

#31941 - Usability problem selecting TTS via SAM terminal Server driver
#31945, #32235 - Save As works on Citrix XenApp

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