The reading and writing toolbar for dyslexia

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The SaySo toolbar gives you instant access to the features of SaySo.

The ‘play’ button allows you to read documents and web pages, using SaySo’s human sounding voices.

Use the ‘check’ button, to do an advanced spell check on your typing.

The ‘soundalikes’ button identifies all of the words in your document that sound the same as other words, but have different spellings and different meanings, so you can make sure you’ve used the right one.

You can use bookshelf to quickly open books and documents on your computer. You can also download and read books from popular online libraries, or listen to radio stations and podcasts, and find the latest news headlines.

The ‘scan’ button allows you scan a printed sheet of text, or an image based document, and have it read back to you.

The ‘save as’ button enables you to save your text as an mp3 file or a daisy talking book, with human sounding voices. You can also save your mp3 to a portable mp3 player.

The settings button allows you to change SaySo’s settings to make the program work just how you want it to. Use the settings button to change SaySo’s voice, speed, and colour wash.

If you’re not sure about how to use SaySo, then you can select the ‘help’ button, and find the topic you need help with.

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