The reading and writing toolbar for dyslexia

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Prices for SaySo (GBP)

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SaySo (includes 1 user licence):

£159 (or£190.80 inc. VAT)

unlock code only (UK customers only  - Save £10, unlock the demo, no box shipped):

£149 (£178.80 inc. VAT)

Extra licences

extra user licence:

£129 (£154.80 inc. VAT)

Site licence - Primary School:

£1500 (£1800.00 inc. VAT)

Site licence - Secondary School:

£2500 (£3000.00 inc. VAT)

Site licence - College:

£3000 (£3600.00 inc. VAT)



£64 (£76.80 inc. VAT)

upgrade an extra user:

£64 (£76.80 inc. VAT)


SMA for SaySo (includes 1 user licence):

£31.80 (ex. VAT)

+ SMA cost per extra user licence:

£25.80 (ex. VAT)

+ SMA cost per Site licence - College:

£600.00 (ex. VAT)

+ SMA cost per Site licence - Primary School:

£300.00 (ex. VAT)

+ SMA cost per Site licence - Secondary School:

£500.00 (ex. VAT)