For people with partial or fluctuating sight

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Available Languages for SuperNova Reader Magnifier

UK English (v14.04)
US English (v14.04)
Arabic (v14.04)
Australian English (v14.04)
Belgian Dutch (v14.04)
Belgian French (v14.04)
Chinese (Mandarin) (v14.04)
Chinese (Cantonese) (v14.04)
Croatian (v14.04)
Czech (v14.04)
Danish (v12.08)
Dutch (v14.04)
Finnish (v14.04)
French (v14.04)
German (v14.04)
Greek (v9.03)
Hindi (v14.04)
Hong Kong Cantonese (v14.04)
Icelandic (v14.04)
Italian (v14.04)
Lithuanian (v13.59)
Norwegian (v14.04)
Polish (v14.04)
Portuguese (v14.04)
Russian (v13.59)
Slovak (v14.04)
South African English (v14.04)
Spanish (v14.04)
Spanish (Catalan) (v5.21)
Spanish (Latin America) (v14.04)
Swedish (v14.04)
Welsh (v14.04)

Each language comes with different default voices, appropriate to the country. See which synthesisers are included with your language version and listen to samples of the voices.