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Frequently Asked Questions about ScreenReader

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  1. Can I use 64-bit editions of Windows?
  2. Which applications are compatible with SuperNova?
  3. Do I need magnification software or a screen reader package?
  4. My vision is deteriorating which product would fulfil both my current and future requirements?
  5. What is the difference between the PEN version and CD edition of Dolphin’s Software?
  6. We are a public access environment and need to cater for any type of visual impairment, which Dolphin solution would best suit us?
  7. Do screen readers read out everything on the screen?
  8. How does it talk?
  9. Is this the same as speech recognition software?
  10. Does a screen reader work with any program or is it just word processor programs?
  11. What if I can't use a keyboard?


  1. I need a PC or Laptop as well as Dolphin software, who do I buy from?
  2. Our organisation users use different computers throughout the building can they access their individual profiles on any machine?


  1. I work for a large organisation can we install Hal, Lunar, LunarPlus and Supernova on the organisations network?
  2. How do I upgrade from a previous version of the software?

Try before you Buy

  1. Can I try the software before I buy it?
  2. Does the demo version have any restrictions or limitations?
  3. How long will it take to download a Free trial version of Dolphin's Software?
  4. I like the demo, what do I do now?
  5. I have read about Product activation, what does this mean?
  6. What happens if I change my mind?

Using the software

  1. Do I need training to use Dolphin's software solutions?
  2. What happens if something goes wrong?