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New Hotkeys in v11.50

Tip:  To change which hotkey set is used by your Dolphin software, open the Dolphin Control Panel by holding CONTROL and pressing SPACEBAR. Then press ALT + G to open the "General" menu, press K to open the "Keyboard and hotkeys" dialog where you can choose: keyboard layout, keyboard language and preferred hotkey set.  Press OK to save any changes and close the dialog.

New Dolphin Laptop Hotkey Set

In addition to the existing hotkey sets which will continue to be provided and supported, version 11.50 includes a new Dolphin Laptop Universal set.  The Benefits of the Universal set include:

Becoming familiar with the Laptop Universal set:

Tip: You can discover the purpose of each hotkey before performing its function using Dolphin's 'Key Describe mode'. In the Universal Set, Key Describe mode can be switched on and off with CAPS LOCK + 1.

Tip: You can use a key other than CAPS LOCK as the custom screen reader modifier (or Dolphin Key).  Change this from the Control Panel > General > Keyboard and Hotkeys... > Hotkeys > Dolphin Custom Modifier.

Updated Competitor Hotkey Emulation Sets

Making the switch to Dolphin software can be made easier by using a familiar hotkey set. Dolphin's competitor emulation hotkey sets have been significantly updated and include feedback received from users.

Swiss-German Keyboard Language Layout

Swiss flagThe list of more than 50 supported keyboard languages found in General > Keyboard and Hotkeys > Language has been extended to include Swiss-German.

New Hotkey Quick Reference Guide

Photo of the front cover of the new QRG bookletVersion 11.50 is supplied with an updated Hotkey Reference Guide. This document lists the most popular desktop and laptop hotkey commands for getting started with your Dolphin software. The Hotkey Reference Guide is available from the Downloads section of the Dolphin website or is available free (upon request) in a choice of formats including: print, large print, Braille, DAISY and plain text.

These are new features found in Dolphin's v11.50 Access Tools, read what's new in v11.50 to find out about other features of these products.