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Reviews from users of ScreenReader:

The increased speed of starting up and shutting down is great and the introduction of the spelling speed feature has proved invaluable in enhancing the experience of PC use as it makes the whole process far more user friendly.
Mike Scanlan - (Liverpool) 15/03/10

Finally I have just retired after 32 years in Social Work and this is a job that I would simply not have been able to do without Hal. I have been using Dolphin since it started and I am truly grateful to you all for enabling me to have a happy and successful career.
Richard Pryor - (Cornwall) 08/10/09

I am now up and running and I like it! I think the Setup Wizard is very good and I definitely think it will help new users to get up and running quickly.
Sue Allard - (Gloucester) 25/11/08

I downloaded version 9 of Hal and I have to say it works really well. Hal now works fine on the web. Whilst older versions sometimes had difficulties on pages with complex layouts, version 9 handles them well. The change to version 9 won't be difficult, because many of the key combinations remain the same as in 5.21, but there are also new key combinations that are useful and easy to learn.

Congratulations! Good Job, well done team at Dolphin!
Silverio Domenighini - (Switzerland) 09/04/08

Having downloaded the version 9 demo yesterday I have been trying it on websites that were problematic with previous versions. I am delighted to say that I have not experienced any slowdown neither has Hal gone silent on any of these pages. As Dolphin rightly said, a lot of work has gone in to Hal's performance on the internet. My experience so far is that this is a vast improvement and I unreservedly congratulate dolphin on their achievement. All at dolphin have obviously worked hard on this upgrade and the benefits are immediately apparent.

I would encourage all list members to download a demo and take a look.

Please accept and pass on my thanks and congratulations on your continued excellent work. Well done Dolphin!!
Malcolm - (Wales) 09/04/08

The Gwent Visual Impairment Service has used various Dolphin Computer Packages (Supernova, Hal, Cicero, Cipher) for over ten years. In that time we have found the software to be extremely effective, reliable and user-friendly. The after sales service provided by this Company, particularly their Product Support, is first class. We have always found the staff at Dolphin to be extremely helpful, friendly and prepared to do anything they can to assist. This software has allowed countless children and young people to enjoy using computer technology effectively.
Cheryl Price - (Visual Impairment Service, Gwent ) 19/11/07

We offer advice to people all around the world, and Dolphin's international presence and support for a wide range of languages is particularly useful to us. Dolphin is also able to offer compatible products for magnification, speech and Braille users on all of the major Microsoft operating systems, making it much easier for employers, schools and universities to provide an accessible IT system which caters for different needs.
Richard Orme - (Head of Technology in Learning and Employment, RNIB) 18/07/06

My counsellor suggested this product for me because I am working on designing my own web pages and happen to be blind. Hal is easy to use and fully functional. I just love it!
Marshall Blackben - (Washington USA) 18/07/06

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