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What's New in this version of ScreenReader?

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New in version 14.01 (released: 16/05/2014)

SuperNova Bookshelf tab displayed on Windows tablet. Text reads "Read more" with SuperNova 14

Read what you want how you want with this major upgrade to the SuperNova family of screen magnifiers and screen readers from Dolphin:


Latest best sellers, timeless classics and popular periodicals can be downloaded from accessible libraries using a new Bookshelf tab page and pull down menu in the SuperNova Control Panel. Providers include Bookshare, NFB Newsline and Gutenberg amongst others, with more libraries being added regularly.

Bookshelf also includes buttons to jump quickly to a popular selection of RSS news feeds, podcasts and internet radio stations.
SuperNova control panel bookshelf tab

Video icon Explore SuperNova Bookshelf by watching our short video tutorial.

Opening books

In SuperNova's Bookshelf tab page, press the "Books" button to:

SuperNova "Select Content Provider" dialog. Libraries include Bookshare, ePubBooks and Gutenberg

Note, many online libraries, such as BookShare, require you to first register for an account. If required, SuperNova will prompt for your login information. Check the "remember me" tick box to prevent being asked for your username and password again later. If you do not have login details, please contact the library to register or reset your credentials. To logout from a library, select it from the list and press the "Logout" button.

Arrow keys and ENTER browse each library by category or you can press ALT+S to search for a specific title or author. Once you have located a title you want to read, press ENTER for the Book Info dialog containing a "Download" button that brings the book to your computer for reading any time. When the download is complete, a "Send To" button will appear so you can transfer the book to a portable player connected to your computer.

SuperNova Reader

When you open a book with SuperNova, the text will be displayed in a dedicated window for reading. Use quick navigation keys to move around your book. For example, H goes to the next heading, P to the next paragraph and TAB for the next link.

If the book contains audio, you can play and pause with F5.
SuperNova reading text from "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Podcasts, News and Radio

SuperNova's new Bookshelf tab includes buttons to open podcast feeds, RSS news feeds and internet radio stations. In each list, press the "Add" button to find additional services. When browsing a feed, once you find a podcast episode, news story or internet radio station of interest, press ENTER and it will be opened in the associated Windows application.

Scan and Read

Access printed text on paper or imbedded in a PDF with optical character recognition (OCR) for those times when the content is not available to you in an accessible format.

The "Scan and Read" button from the Bookshelf tab prompts you to choose scanner or file saved on your computer.

SuperNova Scan and Read button

You can also OCR an accessible PDF from within AdobeReader by pressing the DocReader hotkey CAPS+NUMPAD PLUS by default.

Video icon Explore SuperNova Scan and Read by watching our short video tutorial.

Other Updates in SuperNova 14

Known Issues:

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