For people who are blind

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What's New in this version of ScreenReader?

New in version 15.01 (released: 01/09/2015)

Support for Windows 10

SuperNova 15 introduces support for Windows 10, as well as offering all the benefits of 14, including scan and read with OCR and Bookshelf for downloading accessible content from online libraries.

New Name - ScreenReader

ScreenReader is now an individual product and stands alone from the SuperNova family. Formerly know as SuperNova Screen Reader, the new name, 'ScreenReader' is designed to explain in more simple terms what the benefit is to the user!

Known issues

Microsoft’s new Edge browser is inaccessible and not supported. If you try to use Edge, you’ll receive a message advising you to switch to Internet Explorer. This is a Microsoft development issue. The same applies to Microsoft Store and many Metro apps.

When you leave the start menu in Windows 10 the speech output may intermittently disappear, but it will come back after a few seconds. Again this is a Microsoft bug. Turning off live tiles in the start menu can help.


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