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New in version 11.52 (released: 14/04/2010)

SuperNova/Hal/Lunar/LunarPlus core changes

NEW: Added glyph locations to character objects in the scripting engine.
NEW: API upgrade to allow DOLAPI_COMMAND_SPEAK and future 'Commands'.
NEW: Added option to not show Start Up Wizard.
FIX: Better handling of errors when accessing the script engine's shared memory.
FIX: Prevented multiple instances of shutdown confirmation dialog when called from hotkey.
FIX: Baseline for non OSM text was being calculated incorrectly causing it to be ignored when constructing a line.
FIX: Non-DOM edit area loses beam cursor on delete.
FIX: Crash using Arabic Acapela.
FIX: Dolphin Pen was not working with Windows 7 64bit .
FIX: When tabbing between appointments in the Outlook 2003 Calendar there is already a delay of 5 to 10 seconds before anything is announced.

Map/Script Changes

Scripting Engine

NEW: Added System.GetTextLocations function.
NEW: Added glyph co-ordinates members to Area.Set/GetCharacter.
NEW: Added emulation of old script timer functions through the new system to allow scripts that use the older functions to still work.
NEW: System.GetScriptPrompt now takes an optional third parameter which is the Unicode string to set the string to if the specified prompt doesn't exist.
FIX: Improved error handling when accessing the scripting engine's shared memory from function calls or screen reader call backs.

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