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ScreenReader User Stories

Select the titles below to find out how ScreenReader benefits the lives of real users at work, home, school and other areas of life.

Business and Employment

MCI WorldCom remains connected.
Dolphin software in call centres.

SuperNova supports Gloucestershire Fire Service.

SuperNova helps to provide technical support in the Civil Service.
The efficiency in response time is vital.

Dolphin Scripting delivers access to Microsoft Project 2007

Home and Work

Microsoft "Expert" award for Hal user.
Civil servant qualifies with Dolphin.

Maurice benefits from a talking PDA with Pocket Hal.
My computer in my pocket - perfect.

Hands-free Accessibility for Visually Impaired computer users.
TalkingPoint Gold and Dolphin.

Public access: Education and Libraries

Visually impaired pupils in Portuguese Schools benefit from Dolphin software.