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Frequently Asked Questions about EasyReader

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  1. Is EasyReader accessible to screen reader users?
  2. What exactly is a DAISY book?
  3. Does EasyReader support the Microsoft DAISY DTBook format created by the Save As DAISY XML Plug-in?
  4. Does EasyReader support MathML?
  5. Why DAISY?
  6. Does EasyReader provide audio for text-only DAISY books?
  7. What types of digital talking book files can be read using EasyReader?
  8. Who is EasyReader useful for?
  9. Is EasyReader designed solely for visually impaired users?
  10. Is EasyReader suitable for teachers to use?
  11. Can EasyReader be used by support workers in class with children?
  12. Where can I get hold of DAISY and other digital talking books to play using EasyReader?
  13. Do I need a screen reader to use EasyReader?


  1. Is EasyReader included with any other Dolphin software?
  2. Installing EasyReader on a network.

Try before you Buy

  1. Does the EasyReader demo version have any restrictions?

Using the software

  1. How to open a DAISY book from your PC or CD.
  2. How do I play multi-volume books with EasyReader?
  3. Can I copy the text from EasyReader?
  4. Can I open text from the clipboard in EasyReader?
  5. How well do pictures show up using EasyReader?
  6. Can I choose different colours for the text, background and highlighting in EasyReader?
  7. How easy is it to navigate through the contents of a DAISY book using EasyReader?
  8. Can I add notes to a digital talking book to highlight areas of interest?
  9. What do I do if I get confused or stuck whilst using EasyReader?