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Dolphin Webinars - watch a Live demo!

A sample screenshot from a webex webinarSit back and relax in front of your own PC while we demonstrate Dolphin software for you, Live, on screen and step-by-step. The Dolphin webinars give you a complete walk through of our software tools in use with an audio explanation from our experienced staff. We shall be offering various dates and times to take a look at different solutions in detail. The webinars also offer opportunities to ask questions of our experts after the presentations.

Dolphin are using the 'WebEx meeting center' to conduct our webinars, you can see a demo meeting on the webex website if you'd like to get a feel for how it works. Anyone with a phone and a web browser can attend a 'WebEx meeting', wherever you are in the world you can connect with us and watch our software demo together in real time over the web. It's as if you're looking over our shoulder while we use the Dolphin software on our PC!

If you see a presentation listed on the webinar calendar that you would like to 'attend', simply register your details and we'll email you with everything you need before the webinar begins.
Remember, it doesn't matter where in the world you are or what time zone, if you can be at your PC at the time of the webinar, you're welcome to join us.

Please note: you will need a headset to listen to the audio from the webinar, and microphone to enable full participation.