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Reviews from users of EasyReader:

The accessibility enhancements within Easy Reader version 5 make this application a pleasure to use. Not only is it easy to find all controls within the player by pressing the Tab key, but the staff at Dolphin have put a lot of thought into creating logical and easy to remember shortcut keys. Accessibility must equal usability and this product ticks both boxes!
Brian Hartgen - (T&T Consultancy ) 11/06/09

EasyReader and the 'Save As DAISY XML' plug-in for Microsoft Word create a really exciting opportunity for visually impaired and print impaired people, giving them the ability to easily create, read and listen to their own fully synchronised DAISY materials. Microsoft's 'Save as DAISY XML' Plug-in and EasyReader are a powerful combination that will enable the rich DAISY experience to be brought to even more readers worldwide.
Dan Hubbell - (Technical Evangelist for Accessibility, Microsoft) 10/06/08

Robert is a leading expert in DAISY playback and he has endorsed EasyReader as the "DAISY software Player of Choice"
Robert Lee Branch - (Kansas City Community College) 03/12/07

As a fairly new and emerging technology, thereís a very few number of playback software and hardware for DAISY. Iíve hands on tried and made use of the majority of playback hardware and software. If RFB&D has it, I used it. Of our students using it, weíve found the Dolphin products the best. Especially EasyReader, with its easy interface, adjustments in speech and visual style, itís really designed for the end user. EasyReader really allows the students access all the neat features electronic texts should allow you to manipulate, like changing the voice of the synthesizer or having clickable hyperlinks.
D Berkowitz - (Boston) 11/06/07

The RNIB recently used Dolphin Publisher to create seven Digital Talking Books, as part of a 12 month pilot, sponsored by the DfES. We created full text and audio books to support Key Stage 3 literacy (11 to 14 year olds) in three secondary schools and evaluated the benefits over the course of the 12 months. The results were extremely positive. Using EasePublisher and EaseReader the whole class was able to use exactly the same materials, and benefit from a new learning experience. This could be the way forward in every classroom.
R Longstaff - (RNIB, UK) 18/07/06

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