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EasyReader Voices

Please note: These voices are included with EasyReader version 3 onwards.

This table shows the voice synthesisers that come with each language version of EasyReader and, where available, a link to listen to a sample MP3 of that voice (links open in this window, click the back button to return to this page).

Other voices

If you wish to have additional voices to use with EasyReader (for example, a different language) these can be purchased as optional extras.

EasyReader Synthesiser options
Language Voices included
with EasyReader)
Optional Voices
(available for an extra charge)
Arabic (v6.03) Acapela Salma
Australian English (v6.04) RealSpeak Karen (Australian)
Belgian Dutch (v3.01) RealSpeak Ellen (BE)
Belgian French RealSpeak Virginie (French)
Croatian RealSpeak Daniel (UK)
Czech (v6.03) RealSpeak Zuzana (Czech)
Danish (v6.04) RealSpeak Ida
Dutch (v6.04) RealSpeak Claire (Dutch)
Finnish (v6.04) RealSpeak Mikko
French (v6.04) RealSpeak Virginie (French)
German (v6.04) RealSpeak Steffi (German)
Hindi Realspeak Sangeeta
Icelandic (v3.01) RealSpeak Ragga
Italian (v3.01) RealSpeak Silvia (Italian)
Japanese (v6.03) RealSpeak Kyoko
Lithuanian (v6.05) RealSpeak Serena (UK)
Norwegian (v6.04) Realspeak Stine (Norwegian)
Polish (v6.04) RealSpeak Agata (Polish)
Portuguese (v6.03) RealSpeak Madalena
Slovak RealSpeak Zuzana (Czech)
Spanish (v6.04) RealSpeak Isabel (Spanish)
Swedish (v6.04) RealSpeak Alva
RealSpeak Serena (UK)
UK English (v6.04) RealSpeak Serena (UK)
US English (v6.04) RealSpeak Tom (US)

At Dolphin we have decided to extend the range of synthesisers we offer so as to extend choice to our customers. Speech development is no longer part of our core strategy. Accordingly, ownership of the Orpheus synthesiser has been transferred to Meridian One Limited. Orpheus 2 continues to be fast and responsive and we realise it has a loyal following. Therefore we will continue to provide Orpheus 2 with selected products.
Orpheus 3 and later versions, along with new and updated voices and languages, is now available direct from Meridian One.