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EasyReader User Stories

Select the titles below to find out how EasyReader benefits the lives of real users at work, home, school and other areas of life.

Business and Employment

Modern-Eyes use Dolphin Producer to create accessible training materials.
Learning opportunities for all.

Patterson's First Audio E-book Release.
Several authors wanted their works in an audio format.

Public access: Education and Libraries

Dolphin helps NLB develop a DAISY book service for its members.

EasyReader helps RNIB students excel in the classroom
EasyReader offers visually and print impaired students a new multimedia training resource

New course materials enhance learning and improve comprehension.
Creating total inclusion in the classroom

The National Library for the Blind offer DAISY books to their members.
Dolphin Publisher evaluated.

A new service from National Talking Newspapers.
Successful trials using DAISY.

Dolphin helps Sheffield Talking Newspapers.
Delivering a state of the art DAISY service.

RNIB Scotland and the DAISY project.
Dolphin creates Equal Opportunities in Education.

Adam recalls life before DAISY
Enjoying the benefits of text linked to audio

Boston students help their peers with DAISY books
EasyPublisher is very clear and direct

The Catholic University of America embraces Dolphin's Altformat Toolkit

Increased independence for disabled students
Independent learning at the University of Gothenburg

Teachers and Parents

DAISY is something that we have decided we SHOULD be doing
New College Worcester adopt EasyReader