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Who is Guide HandsFree for?

Guide HandsFree is Dolphin's solution for people seeking independence from computers but who are unable to press single buttons on a keyboard, perhaps due to a physical impairment. Guide HandsFree isn't just Guide with added voice commands, it can take a little more patience to learn than Guide and it has a reduced set of features designed to work well for people who will never be able to operate a keyboard.

I'm worried about typing, can I use Guide HandsFree to avoid using a keyboard?

Guide HandsFree is not designed for users who are concerned about typing and as such offers no additional features for help with spelling and grammar and will require you to spell check as usual. Unless there's a physical reason why the keyboard is not suitable for you, we'd recommend you give regular Dolphin Guide a try - it is very popular with people who've never used a computer before and you don't need to be good at touch typing or spelling to get lots of things done. If you are new to computers and are worried that a lack of typing skills, poor spelling or grammar will prevent your progress, you really have nothing to worry about. Guide is designed to be really easy to use and you only need to press one or two buttons before you'll be listening to online radio, magnifying photos, scanning letters and more. To write emails or letters you will need to type but because Guide reads aloud each key you press you'll always know what's happening. You'll even hear a quacking sound if you've misspelt a word so you know to go back and correct it! Guide also has a built in Typing Tutor just for people who need some more help, it starts off really simply so you can get to grips with using a keyboard and exercising those typing fingers (feature not available in Guide HandsFree).

Why do I have to buy a computer package with Guide HandsFree?

Guide HandsFree requires a high specification PC and installing all the different parts in the right order is key to making it work correctly and getting you off to the best start. Unfortunately not all of this process is accessible and therefore not possible for people with sight loss. To make it really easy, Dolphin has designed a Guide HandsFree package with everything you need, PC, software and training, all in one. We only sell Guide HandsFree as part of this package and we'll set everything up for you before we send your computer to you so it will be ready to go when you take it out of the box. To start with Guide HandsFree will just need some of your time and patience to read out some passages of text in order for your voice to be recognised by the computer.  

Controlling your computer with voice commands can be a tricky process that takes time to master. For example, navigating busy websites with constantly updating content (such as facebook) is not recommended.  Because it is not technically possible to control some things by voice, some features of Guide are not included in Guide HandsFree (Skype, Voice Memos, PDF Reader, Typing Tutor & Keyboard Practise). Our Guide HandsFree package includes a whole day training with a Dolphin accredited trainer; you’ll soon be up and running with an expert by your side.

Please note: Guide HandsFree is not offered for sale as 'software-only' and must be purchased as a PC package from an approved Guide HandsFree dealer OR direct from Dolphin in the UK. This ensures you quality support, from the experts, after you've received your PC.

If you have recently purchased a new PC you may purchase the software with training and installation subject to the spec of your PC - this will be dealt with on a case by case basis through discussion with a Dolphin Installation Engineer. Read the system requirements.

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