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New in version 13.53 (released: 02/12/2013)

SuperNova version 13.53 is a free update available for existing customers of SuperNova v13, and includes:


FIX: Windows 8.1 Start Screen, prevented App tiles from being announced twice.
FIX: Windows 8.1 settings, prevent incidental text being reread when selecting an item in a list box.
FIX: AdobeReader, speech and Braille reading order more accurate when navigating with the Dolphin Cursor.
FIX: AdobeReader, solved a situation in some PDFs where the Dolphin Cursor could not reach the bottom of the document.
FIX: Adobe Reader, reads secure PDFs when Supernova is started after the document has been opened.
FIX: Adobe Reader, find with Dolphin Cursor F3, now searches for text as expected and announces "not found" when appropriate.
FIX: AdobeReader 11, runs on Windows 8 without reporting an error when started.
FIX: Adobe Reader, SuperNova prompts when PDF does not contain text.
FIX: Windows 8.1 File Explorer status bar. Press NUMPAD2 with desktop keyboard layout (CAPS+PAGEDOWN on laptops).
FIX: Windows 8.1 Mail, press ENTER to open messages and ESCAPE to return to list of messages. Speaks button status when working with mail attachments.
FIX: Outlook 2013 and 2010, reads html email with Dolphin Cursor: move right and left by character more reliable within table cells, no longer repeats lines. Fixed action of pressing CONTROL+HOME and CONTROL+END to move to the top and bottom of messages.
FIX: Outlook 2013 backstage view opened with ALT+F, all items now announced.
FIX: RegEdit, tree view items announced when clipped on screen, and continue to track the focus when using Windows 7 Classic theme.
FIX: Internet Explorer 11 Metro edition on Windows 8.1, the "Pin to Start Menu" window now spoken and Brailled .
FIX: Windows 8.1 Calendar, edit areas in the "new appointment" window announced.
FIX: iTunes 11, reads genre and artist lists.


NEW: Humanware Brailliant BI driver now automatically finds the virtual COM port improving automatic detection when these Braille displays are plugged in.
FIX: Hims Braille Sense driver updated to increase the reliability of automatic detection when plugged in.


CHANGE: Dolphin Launch Pad, removed Yahoo US local search as service no longer available from Yahoo API.

Known Issues:

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