Photo of SuperNova Access Suite Boxed

SuperNova Access Suite - For every visual impairment

HD screen magnifier, intelligent screen reader and robust Braille support

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Photo of SuperNova Screen Reader Boxed

SuperNova Screen Reader - For people who are blind

Intelligent screen reading with natural voices, Dolphin Cursor and robust Braille support. Suitable for people who are blind requiring complete access to a computer.

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Photo of SuperNova Magnifier Boxed

SuperNova Magnifier - For people with low vision

HD Magnifier with visual highlighting and crystal clear True Fonts for smooth text at any size. Supports multiple monitors. Suitable for people with low vision.

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Photo of SuperNova Reader Magnifier Boxed

SuperNova Reader Magnifier - For people with partial or fluctuating sight

HD Magnifier, visual highlighting and natural voices for reading documents. Suitable for individuals with low vision who require optional speech to read longer documents.

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Large Print Keyboard - High contrast QWERTY keyboard for SuperNova

Dolphin's own Large Print QWERTY keyboard with high contrast keys. 18 easy to locate, tactile 'Quick Buttons' for easy access SuperNova features. Helps you to get started with SuperNova more quickly and means you need to remember less hotkeys. Ideal for non-typists with low vision.

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