Dolphin Technical Support - What is Supported?

Dolphin provides technical support for UK customers who purchased their Dolphin product directly from Dolphin Computer Access in the UK. Customers outside the UK, or who purchased from a Dolphin dealer, should contact their dealer for support. Dolphin Computer Access products which comprises:

  • SuperNova Access Suite
  • SuperNova Reader Magnifier
  • SuperNova Magnifier
  • SuperNova Screen reader
  • EasyConverter
  • EasyReader
  • EasyProducer
  • EasyTutor
  • SaySo
  • Guide
  • Dolphin Publisher

The Dolphin Technical Support telephone line is intended primarily for assistance with technical issues with the above named products - Dolphin has a number of accredited trainers who can assist with training enquiries, however the corresponding documentation supplied with the Dolphin products contain answers to most queries relating to usage of the software. Support for Dolphin software is given "as is", and the support does not extend to third party programs that may be on the system. Dolphin engineers will not work on third party products on a computer unless that particular piece of software is causing problems for the Dolphin product installed on the PC.

Support for 3rd Party Products

Dolphin resells a number of items of third party hardware including Dell desktop computers and laptop, and Index Embossers.

Dell Computers - Hardware

Dell computers sold by Dolphin will come with a Dell warranty. This warranty covers faults with the computer hardware during the period of the warranty. If you experience a hardware issue with your Dell computer during the period of warranty, please contact Dolphin Technical support on 01905 754765 to discuss a possible return to base repair under warranty. For computers that are no longer under warranty, we would recommend contacting Dell directly to discuss the repair options available to you. Dell Technical Support can be reached on 0844 338 1000.

Dell computers - Other Software

Dell computers sold by Dolphin may come with a collection of preinstalled third party software. Dolphin does not provide support for these products and customers are advised to contact the vendors of such applications for technical support. Examples of third party software include Windows Live Mail and Power DVD.

Dell computers - Operating System

Dolphin may be able to offer basic advice for issues with the Windows operating system on your Dell PC, but may need to refer you to speak with a Microsoft Technical Support Advisor. Generally we recommend speaking with the Microsoft Accessibility Team who are trained in the use of assistive technology - they can be reached on 08000260584. We would also advise customers to call this number if they are experiencing issues with any other Microsoft product, for example Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word.

Printers and Scanners

Support for printers and scanners sold by Dolphin will be provided for the first 6 months of ownership, after which time Dolphin will refer customers to the hardware manufacturer for support.

Support for SuperNova in Citrix & Terminal Server Environments

Due to increasing demand and the specialised nature of the required support, from October 1st 2011, Dolphin will only be able to offer product support for SuperNova's installations in Citrix & Terminal Server environments, where a "Citrix & Terminal Server Support Pack" has been purchased from Dolphin. Please call 01905 754 577 for information.

Extent of Support for Dolphin Guide

Dolphin Guide comes with free technical support that covers the following:

  • Assistance with all technical issues with the Guide software
  • Help with the use of features that are not outlined in the Guide documentation
  • Support in configuring an email account within the Guide Email Settings menu
  • Removal of any third party anti-virus software conflicting with Guide and replacement with compatible anti-virus software

Technical Support for Dolphin Guide does not extend to the following items, for which support should be sought from the appropriate vendor or service provider:

  • Internet connection problems
  • General PC issues or issues with 3rd party applications
  • Routine PC maintenance such as Windows Updates
  • Creation and administration of third party accounts such as Gmail, Twitter or Facebook.*
  • Creation and administration of Skype accounts*
  • Installation of third party hardware including printers and scanners not purchased from Dolphin
  • Assistance in finding information online, for example podcast addresses, RSS feed addresses, etc.

*The Dolphin Guide web browser provides users with the capability of creating and administering such accounts independently.

Dolphin does not normally deal with malware and virus removal. For assistance with removal of malware and viruses, the machine would have to be brought in to Dolphin. This service would be chargeable.