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Videos: Meet SuperNova Screen Reader

SuperNova includes Magnification, Speech and Braille access to documents and apps, for people with any visual impairment.

  Meet SuperNova

If you are experiencing problems, please use this link to watch this video on (suited to mobile devices without Flash support).

Use the links below to watch more videos; 'explore' videos give you more details about SuperNova Screen Reader, 'learn' videos teach you some tricks and 'your' videos share stories from existing users.

Explore SuperNova Screen Reader

Find out more about SuperNova Screen Reader and what it can do.

Explore SuperNova: Speech

Explore SuperNova: Speech in Reader Magnifier

Explore SuperNova: Braille

Dolphin SuperNova: For Windows 8

Your Web with SuperNova 13

Your Travel with SuperNova 13

Your Shopping with SuperNova

Your Social Life with SuperNova 13

Your Money with SuperNova 13

Your Information with SuperNova 13

Your News with SuperNova 13

New features of SuperNova version 12

Learn SuperNova Screen Reader

Video tutorials demonstrating how to complete specific tasks with SuperNova Screen Reader.

The Dolphin help system

Learn SuperNova: Application & Situation Settings

Learn SuperNova: Control Panel

How to find Help

Learn SuperNova: Preset Highlighting

SuperNova's Setup Wizard

Learn SuperNova: Voice

The Quick Access Toolbar

Learn SuperNova: Custom Highlighting

Learn SuperNova: Doc Reader

Learn SuperNova: Multiple Monitors Extended Desktop

Learn SuperNova: Verbosity

Learn SuperNova: Read From Here

Learn SuperNova: Text Style Announcements

Learn SuperNova: Speak Keys

Learn SuperNova: Character Echo

Learn SuperNova: Item Finder

Learn SuperNova Launch Pad

Learn SuperNova Set-Up Wizard

Learn SuperNova Review Notification Area

Learn SuperNova Key Describe Mode

Learn SuperNova: Find with the Dolphin Cursor

Learn SuperNova: Explore with the Dolphin Cursor

Learn SuperNova Custom and Automatic Installation

Learn SuperNova Unlock a Demo

Your SuperNova Screen Reader

Hear how other people benefit from using SuperNova Screen Reader.

Meet Amy

Meet Laura from Remploy

Meet Ben

Meet Sue Ray

Meet Richard

Embedding SuperNova in your school

Using laptops in lessons gives student a boost

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