SuperNova and ScreenReader products support both Citrix and Terminal Server environments.  Citrix logo

This support is available as a 'Citrix & Terminal Server Support Pack' and is compatible with:

SuperNova - for Low Vision Users, ScreenReader - for Blind Users

Comply with your organisation’s disability legislation obligations with SuperNova.  Unique in delivering any combination of magnification, speech or screen reader support, SuperNova empowers organisations to meet the accessibility requirements of all their visually impaired staff. Mild sight loss, partial sight or total blindness, employees can find their perfect blend of features, exactly tailored to their individual sight requirements.  
Citrix and Terminal Server support is also available for blind users with no requirement for magnification via ScreenReader.

Compatible with the Citrix and Terminal Server Environments

With clients working across a diverse range of industries around the globe, SuperNova is already proven to be the preferred accessibility solution in virtual environments.  SuperNova is already installed and in active use in the following environments: 

  • Citrix Metaframe
  • Citrix Presentation Server
  • Citrix XenApp
  • Citrix XenDesktop
  • Citrix Receiver
  • and Citrix Quick Launch

To discuss your organisation’s requirements and trial SuperNova or ScreenReader in your virtual environment, please contact our sales team.

Thick Client

Magnification, speech, screen reader and Braille display support are all available for thick clients. 

Thin Client

Screen reader & Braille display support are available for thin clients. 

Why Choose SuperNova?

Partially sighted employee sat at desk.  2 monitors each with superNova magnification on it. Accurate Magnification, Speech and Braille Tracking

SuperNova can be installed to the server, so your users’ magnification, speech and Braille all accurately track the application they’re accessing through your Citrix or Terminal Server session.

Always Responsive

Dolphin's Citrix and Terminal Server support remains fast and responsive enabling your visually impaired computers users to be fully productive. (Please note: Magnification is more responsive under Citrix's ICA protocol, than when using Terminal Services' RDP protocol.)

Your Applications, Fully Accessible

Not all applications are accessible and for visually impaired employees may result in reduced productivity, frustration or total inaccessibility. Dolphin’s scripting service can remove these barriers by creating a bespoke 'script' that ensures your proprietary or third party applications are seamlessly speech and Braille compatible. Talk to our sales team to review your applications’ accessibility.

Flexible Licences - Pay Per User

Because we license your users, not their devices or your installations, choosing SuperNova for your Citrix and Terminal Server environment is the flexible and affordable option.

Expert Product Support

Included with Dolphin’s Citrix & Terminal Server support pack is direct access to Dolphin’s 1st line product support team.  A private webinar with Dolphin’s 2nd line support is also available to resolve any installation questions or queries.  Onsite installation support is also available upon request for an additional charge.

Customer Reviews

EasyJet logo"My job involves extensive use of a Citrix programme, in addition to the standard programmes of a Windows environment. Thanks to Dolphin, I can use all programmes needed for my job, with all the benefits of SuperNova. Although the display that I choose makes my computer look very different to that of my colleagues (I use both magnification and inverted brightness), thanks to SuperNova I can just get on with my work, drama-free, which is a dream come true! Although I am aware that the behind-the-scenes technicalities of SuperNova’s standard version (which is installed on my PC), and its Citrix version (which is installed on the server that I use) are very different, as the user I simply switch between the two versions with one easy keystroke; who knew that Ctrl&8 could be so life-changing?!Thank you so much to all the Dolphin team for both versions of SuperNova, without which I would likely be unable to work (at least in my current job)."

Georgina Donlea, Training Support Coordinator, easyJet 


AccessTech logo“We at Accesstech AG in Lucerne, Switzerland specialize in the adaptation of workplaces for blind and visually impaired persons. We deal regularly with environments that are equipped with Citrix XenApp.  For many years, whenever magnification and speech are required, we have used the products SuperNova Magnifier and SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader to enable access for visually impaired people. The installation of Dolphin’s solution is transparent, which enables us to reassure Citrix administrators who are initially sceptical about a server installation.”

“For the visually impaired users it is important to be able to read magnified text within a Citrix session just as clearly as on a local PC. In this regard, has Dolphin a unique selling point in the Citrix environment. This is further strengthened by other features such as colour changer, large mouse pointer, cursor and focus highlighting which are often used. All these features are easily turned on and off while the Dolphin products are running in the session. The settings can be saved at any location.”

“If additional aids for the blind are used, such as Braille displays, you can integrate these via a remote interface in the Citrix client. As a solutions-oriented company in the field of aids for blind and visually impaired people we are happy to be able to use Dolphin’s products.”  [Translated from German]

DWF LogoRené Schneider, Accesstech AG, Lucerne, Switzerland

“It certainly blows iZoom out of the water!”

Matthew Leese Lead Citrix, Thin Client Infrastructure Engineer, DWF LLP

How does the licensing work?

It’s simple! Just 2 things are required:

1. Buy a SuperNova or ScreenReader licence for every user that will require access.  Depending on your users’ sight, choose:

2. Buy a Dolphin Citrix & Terminal Server Support Pack for every user that will require access.

If you’d like to discuss your organisation’s accessibility requirements and to receive a quote, please contact our friendly sales team.

What's included in the Dolphin Citrix & Terminal Server Support Pack?

  • A Guide to installing SuperNova/ScreenReader in Citrix & Terminal Server environments.
  • Troubleshooting video resources.
  • Dolphin network code - permitting installation onto all servers requiring access by the licensed users.
  • Private Q&A webinar session with Dolphin's 2nd line Support Team
  • Ongoing access to 1st line Product Support
  • Licence agreement for Citrix & Terminal Server environments.

Get in Touch

To discuss your organisation’s requirements or to trial SuperNova or ScreenReader in your Citrix or Terminal Server environment, please contact our sales team.

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