Imagine being able to walk up to any computer and find your access program running automatically, and configured just the way you like it!

From May 2005 Dolphin Access products Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus will be available to order in two separate editions: the current PC Edition or the new Dolphin Pen Edition.

What is the Dolphin Pen?

Unlike traditional screen access products, the Dolphin Pen runs from a USB Pen Drive - a small portable device that measures just 6cm long and 2cm wide, which plugs straight into the USB slot of your computer. This allows a user to carry their preferred settings with them to any PC and run Supernova, Hal, LunarPlus or Lunar without the need to install a full screen reader and speech synthesiser, and without the need to configure their preferred settings each time. All user configuration preferences are saved back to the Dolphin Pen.


Photo of the Dolphin Pen


To use the Dolphin Pen, all that is required is to install the Dolphin Interceptor. Once this has been done, the computer is instantly Dolphin Pen Friendly and the next time that a Dolphin Pen is inserted, the Dolphin software will run automatically.

Be Pen Friendly!

Internet Cafe’s, schools, universities, institutes, offices and libraries will be able to welcome people with a visual impairment to use their computers by taking part in the Dolphin "Pen Friendly" programme.

Learn more about SuperNova and the different editions available here

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