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Dolphin Computer Access Limited today announced the availability of the world’s first access software available through a portable Pen device. Dolphin’s version 6.51 software suite is now available to order in two separate editions: the PC Edition and the Dolphin Pen Edition.

Using the Dolphin Pen, it is possible for blind and low vision computer users around the world, to walk up to any computer and find their access program running automatically, and configured just the way they like it! From 11th May 2005, Dolphin’s Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus will be available to order in the new Dolphin Pen Edition, as well as the standard PC Edition.

Unlike all other screen access products, the Dolphin Pen runs from a USB Pen Drive - a small portable device that measures just 6cm long and 2cm wide, which plugs straight into the USB slot of a computer. This allows a user to carry their software with them to any "Dolphin Pen Friendly" PC and run Supernova, Hal, Lunar or LunarPlus instantly, as if it were on their own system. The Dolphin Pen automatically saves a user’s own preferred settings, so that every time the Pen is used there is no need to reconfigure the settings. Just plug it in and go! When the Pen is removed all of the user settings are automatically saved back to the Pen.

Making a PC "Dolphin Pen Friendly" could not be easier. To use the Dolphin Pen, all that is required is to install the Dolphin Interceptor onto the PC. The Dolphin Interceptor is available on the Pen device and can also be downloaded free from the Dolphin website. Once this has been done, the computer is instantly "Dolphin Pen Friendly" and the next time that a Dolphin Pen is inserted, the software will run automatically.

Be Pen Friendly!

Libraries, Internet Cafe’s, schools, universities and offices will now able to welcome people with low vision to use their computers. By taking part in the Dolphin "Pen Friendly" programme, organisations are able to offer solutions that support a policy for total inclusion, as well as supporting the requirements of international disability legislation.

Steve Palmer, Dolphin’s CEO said "The release of the Dolphin Pen Edition is a landmark event in access technology development. Nothing like this has been available before. Not only have the products been developed to offer total freedom and independence to blind and low vision computer users, they also offer simple and effective solutions for all public access computer areas."

Steve Bennett, Dolphin’s Sales Director, continues, "for the first time ever the access solution is not tied to an individual computer. Using the Dolphin Pen, the solution is applicable to the person, who has the total flexibility to run THEIR access software on WHATEVER computer they want to. And when they have finished and the Pen is removed, the access software is also removed, leaving the computer just as it was before the Pen was plugged in."

Learn more about Supernova and the available editions here

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