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Fresh from Lunar winning "Magnify the Differences" at this year's CSUN conference in California, Dolphin are celebrating their success with a Lunar and LunarPlus promotion not to be missed!

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Simon Lakin and Steve Plumpton, two accessibility experts from the RNIB in the UK, compared seven screen magnification software products, live and in front of a large and experienced CSUN audience.  The seven included the three market leaders: Dolphin's Lunar, Zoomtext and Magic, as well as four lesser known magnifiers.

Having identified their top ten essential screen magnification features, as well as 35 other features and unique selling points, each of the screen magnifiers were awarded points on their merits. Lunar walked away with first place with a very clear lead of 10 points over its nearest competitor. 

To celebrate our victory and to add yet another compelling reason to choose Lunar or LunarPlus, Dolphin are offering every customer that purchases Lunar or LunarPlus on a Dolphin Pen, a FREE CD licence.

Dolphin Pen

Why compromise on quality or your mobility, when you can take Lunar or LunarPlus with you every where you go on a portable Dolphin Pen (USB stick or thumb drive) and keep the CD licence for use at home or work. You decide?

Need that little bit more than just screen magnification? Opt for LunarPlus with your favourite Realspeak and Eloquence voices and hear additional speech prompts for those tricky websites, or bad eye days.

The judges loved and preferred Lunar for many reasons including:-

  • Magnification at login, essential for professionals and network users.
  • Fractional magnification, with more levels than our nearest competitor.
  • Multiple hooked areas, ensuring your most essential information is always in view.
  • Focus highlighting, your cursor and mouse are easy to follow.
  • Margin release, an essential tool for anyone working with a big screen.
  • Line view mode, ideal for relaxed reading or those with peripheral vision (macular degeneration).
  • Application & situation settings, why keep changing your settings, when Lunar can do it for you?
  • Advance tracking options, adjust mouse/cursor sensitivity or centring.
  • Includes free DAISY player EasyReader.
  • Choose from the CD version or on the Dolphin Pen USB drive.
  • More international languages, we're speaking your language!

To order Lunar or LunarPlus on a Dolphin Pen and receive your free CD licence, select the Buy Online link, talk to Sales or contact your local Dolphin Dealer. When buying online, simply enter the e-voucher code FREECD and a free CD license of Lunar or LunarPlus will be included with your Lunar and LunarPlus Pen.

Promotion terms and conditions apply.

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