Recently the National Federation of the Blind's Access Technology Blog editor, Clara Van Gerven, offered her thoughts on the growing range of USB or thumb drive access technology products.

After testing the Dolphin Pen (pre-loaded with SuperNova), Magic 11 and Zoomtext's pen drive.  Dolphin's SuperNova Pen was the clear leader in terms of features and ease-of-use.  Thanks to SuperNova's unique combination of a full Screen reader, full Screen Magnifier and Braille Support it had a clear advantage over the other products who do not offer this full range of functionality within a single solution.

Clara commented, "SuperNova, has a particular appeal since it makes it easy for the user with deteriorating vision to transition from using magnification to using speech. In the case of Supernova, this is one product that serves as both a magnification program and a fully fledged screen access program."

We were delighted when Clara Van Gerven summed it all up with a simple statement; "So far, only Dolphin has come up with a really user-friendly and relatively non-invasive solution."

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