EasyReader has been the talk of Scandinavia in the last couple of months thanks to a recently signed agreement with the Swedish Library of Talking Books and Braille (TPB).

For nearly three decades the TPB has been at the forefront of services for the blind in Sweden.  The TPB provides DAISY Digital Talking Books, Braille and e-text documents to approximately 4% of Sweden’s population through a distribution network that includes public, university, hospital and school libraries.  As well as being one the original founding members of the DAISY Consortium. 

The TPB has adopted EasyReader to be the DAISY (Digital Accessible Information SYstem) player of choice for all of its current, and incoming, Higher Education students.  This equates to over 3,000 students within the Swedish Higher Education system.

In addition to a full and detailed feature set, the TPB deemed it vital that the DAISY player was fully compatible with the Windows Vista Operating System.  EasyReader works perfectly with Vista and easily fulfilled the detailed list of other requirements laid out by the TPB. 

For these reasons EasyReader was the outstanding choice for the organisation easily beating off the competition for the contract from a host of internationally renowned DAISY players, including several free of charge solutions.

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