Budget never been tighter? Sound familiar?

A pile of floppy disks with post-its that read Trade-me and get 35% off.Why not try Dolphin's 3 simple steps to true computer independence for your students with visual impairments:

1. Empty your cupboards!

Simply send us a list of your oldest screen magnifiers, obsolete screen readers & antiquated hardware synthesisers for a whopping 35% discount off new SuperNova licences.

2. Build your wish list

Tell us how many low vision & blind students you have and which edition of SuperNova they require.

3. Trade-in

We'll work out the most affordable way to achieve your wish list. Trading in your old access technology is worth 35% off; plus we've loads of flexible licensing options to build in, including:-

'School & Home' licences -Buy a SuperNova licence for school & we'll match it with a free licence for the same pupil to use at home!

Buy a Pen, get a CD free - Buy a portable USB edition of SuperNova, get the CD licence for free.

LEA licences - License your entire local education authority, the affordable way.

Call Kathy or Jess on 01905 754 577 to discuss your wish list and we'll help you turn your oldest access technology into the best screen access for your visually impaired students.

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