Dolphin Computer Access Limited, the UK software company responsible for delivering independence to vision and print impaired people, today announced its acquisition of Software Express Distribution Limited.

This acquisition enables Dolphin to bring on board a rapidly growing UK software development company, most recently recognised for developing Guide, an innovative and award winning access tool for blind computer users.

By merging with Software Express, Dolphin strengthens its continuing commitment of delivering independence to vision and print impaired computer users. The joining of the two firms also brings together some of the strongest brands and most widely used access technology available in the market.

Noel Duffy Managing Director of the Dolphin Computer Access Group explains "The acquisition of Software Express broadens the Dolphin brand portfolio and offers Dolphin the flexibility to deliver easy-to-use solutions to the fastest growing sector of the access technology market, the over 60's."

"Dolphin has made significant strides over recent years in transforming ourselves into an organisation that is squarely focused on creating easy-to-use software tools that meet the real life needs of our vision and print impaired customers. The acquisition will further accelerate this process for both companies."

Software Express Limited will remain in Durham, UK and will continue to serve the UK market. Managing Director Mary McMahon and Technical Director Adrian Sach will continue to lead the company in their crucial roles.

Mary McMahon explains "We're very excited about this development - the Dolphin team is very enthusiastic about our products and the prospect of marketing them worldwide through their established network of dealers. In addition, the acquisition will increase our capacity to deliver even more innovative and customer focused solutions to the market."

Dolphin Computer Access was founded in 1986 and now employs over 60 people in their UK, US and Swedish offices. Developing access technology software for low vision & blind computer users, Dolphin is most well known for Supernova Reader Magnifier, a full screen reader and screen magnifier with Braille display support. Supernova is the preferred total solution for many visually impaired individuals, colleges and public access environments internationally. Hal Screen Reader, Lunar Screen Magnifier and LunarPlus Enhanced Magnifier are also a part of the Supernova family of access tools, all of which are available in over more than 16 different languages.

In 2005 Dolphin were also first to market with the Dolphin Pen, a portable USB stick that enables visually impaired users to take their Dolphin screen magnification and screen reading software with them to any PC. More recently Dolphin has diversified into developing alternative format creation software, harnessing their long history of innovative DAISY creation and playback tools.
Software Express has now been selling Guide software for over 4 years and, more recently, its Guide Handsfree software, which enables users to access all of the easy-to-use features of Guide using voice activation. Software Express Logo

Guide software was developed by Adrian Sach in 2003, after a family friend began to lose his sight. Adrian realised that this friend had very little technical ability and was unable to achieve results with the other access technology he had tried. Adrian therefore developed Guide as an easy-to-use package, which was easy-to-learn and enabled this friend to achieve results quickly.

Guide and Guide Handsfree software are now the leading software packages in the UK for those who are unable to use Windows, or who have little or no technical ability.

The financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed, however it is confirmed that there will be no loss of jobs.

For all press enquiries contact:

Hazel Shaw
Group Marketing Manager
Dolphin Computer Access
+44 (0)1905 754 577 ext 218
07989 444 541

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