Worcester, UK February 2, 2009 - Dolphin today announced their new 2009 'School & Home' licence- an offer open exclusively to UK primary and secondary schools working with blind and low vision students.

Any local education authority or school purchase of SuperNova, Hal, Lunar or LunarPlus will be matched with a free 'Home' licence of the same Dolphin software.

This 'School & Home' promotion will run until the end of 2009 and is designed to deliver the same unequivocal screen reader and/or screen magnifier access that the pupil experiences in school, within the comfort of their own home.

Worth up to £835*, the free home licence is designed to ensure visually impaired pupils have the same opportunities to complete their revision, coursework and homework as their sighted peers. Steve Bennett, Sales Director for Dolphin Computer Access explains more about the thinking behind this new style licence.

The Government recommended an average of 30 minutes homework a day for year 5 pupils, rising to 1.5 to 2.5 hours per day in years 10 & 11. However many local authorities simply can't afford to supply every visually impaired child a laptop to enable them to complete their homework. Unlike their fully sighted peers, the old fashioned pen and paper route simply isn't an option. This puts blind and low vision students at a real disadvantage."

However there is hope as 70 per cent of UK households already own a computer. The free home licence of Dolphin's SuperNova, Hal, Lunar or LunarPlus will ensure that the traditional family computer becomes fully accessible to every member of the family; most significantly the young person with a visual impairment."

Primary schools, secondary schools and local education authorities purchasing full or additional user licences of SuperNova, Hal, Lunar or LunarPlus, will receive a free 'home' licence for the same pupil to use on their home PC. This free home licence is delivered as a voucher that can be exchanged by the parent or guardian for a 'unlock code' that simply converts the supplied 30-day trial into a full licence.

Local education authorities looking to cater for more than one visually impaired pupil based at more than one school, will also be pleased to know that Dolphin's District Education licensing terms, are also eligible for the free matching home licences.

Unlike many other access technology companies, Dolphin's District Education licence terms enable authorities to purchase a multi user licence without being school specific. Furthermore all of Dolphin's software can be installed to the network or on local PCs and laptops, blind and low vision students can receive their preferred speech, magnification and colour settings on any PC they sit down to use.

Learn more about the software that Dolphin offers here

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