Dolphin Computer Access today announced the official launch of the 2nd generation of the Dolphin Pen now exclusively available to version 11 users of SuperNova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus.


Dolphin Pen 2nd Generation logoThe Dolphin Pen II is a new breed of access technology on a USB thumb drive and represents another innovation first by visual impairment experts, Dolphin Computer Access.


Dave Williams, Blindness Product Manager for Dolphin Computer Access explains:

"The Dolphin Pen II is the 2nd generation of Dolphin Pen and has been designed with the aim of being incorruptible. The new design has already successfully undergone 6-months real life beta testing in Africa, where malware and computer viruses remain prevalent."

The innovative design concept behind the Dolphin Pen II was the brain child of one of Dolphin's lead developers, Matthew Wheatley.

"The new Dolphin Pen II may look and feel the same, but inside we have implemented new USB hardware technology to ensure the Pen drive remains free from corruption and infection.

The new Dolphin Pen II USB hardware is a partitioned pen drive. The first partition is read-only and is where the critical components of the Dolphin software are stored and protected from corruption. The second partition is a writable partition and allows our users to save and take their bespoke set of Dolphin settings from PC to PC. The new Dolphin Pen II still allows users to receive their free updates via the Dolphin Internet updater, despite the secure partition."

The Dolphin Pen II is launched to coincide with the release of Dolphin's new easier-to-use access tools, version 11. Unveiled today, version 11 now supports 64-bit Vista operating systems, Internet Explorer 8 and iTunes amongst others applications.


The History of the Dolphin Pen:
•May 11th 2005 - The Dolphin Pen was born!
Dolphin Computer Access was the first access technology vendor to launch a portable USB edition of their screen reader, screen magnifier and Braille display support software, enabling users with a visual impairment mobile access to PCs.

May 8th 2007 - Sightsavers International take the Dolphin Pen to Africa
The Sightsavers Dolphin Pen is launched ensuring African children and adults with visual impairments get to access otherwise inaccessible PCs.

July 17th 2007 - The Dolphin Pen gets a makeover
The Dolphin Pen switches to a lid free, swivel design.

February 18th 2008 - NFB give the Dolphin Pen the thumbs up
Clara Van Gerven from the access technology team reviews the Dolphin Pen against other at solutions on a USB thumb drive in her online blog. "So far, only Dolphin has come up with a really user-friendly and relatively non-invasive solution."

Wednesday 13th May 2009 - Dolphin Pen II is launched!


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