New Jersey, USA. October 26, 2009. Following significant interest in the EPUB standard at the recent Frankfurt Book fair, Dolphin Computer Access is delighted to announce support for unprotected EPUB publications* in its latest line of alternative format solutions.

Dolphin's latest solutions empower readers to not only access EPUB materials with EasyReader version 5.10, but also repurpose them into alternative formats such as Braille or DAISY with EasyConverter version 5.01, and even add an instant talking book reader to DAISY talking book materials with EasyReader Express. These innovative solutions are being launched at the ATIA Chicago conference in Chicago's Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center; October 28th - 31st 2009.

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Bringing Access to a growing EPUB Market

In August 2009, Google announced their hosting of over 1 million out of copyright eBooks in the increasingly popular open EPUB format. Google were quickly followed by a host of eBook retailers and publishers providing their publications in the EPUB format. Noel Duffy, Managing Director of Dolphin Computer Access explains how this series of developments impacts on the wider reading world;

"The wide spread adoption of the EPUB file format goes a long way to providing a standard platform for the eBook industry to grow from. Dolphin Computer Access is delighted to be taking a leading role in extending the ebook phenomena to learning disabled, dyslexic and visually impaired readers."

Read your favorite EPUB eBooks with EasyReader version 5.10

Dolphin Computer Access is delighted to announce the release of EasyReader digital talking book player version 5.10 at ATIA Chicago, providing fully synchronized text and speech support for all unprotected EPUB publications. Mattias Karlsson explains:

"The addition of EPUB support in EasyReader enables blind, low vision and learning disabled readers immediate access to the growing eBook market. For sighted people, eBooks represent a convenience. But for print impaired people, electronic books represent a necessity since print publications are simply not accessible. Thanks to EasyReader version 5.10, these readers can now open any unprotected EPUB book and experience their preferred combination of audio and highlighted text."

The release of EasyReader version 5.10 quickly follows the previous release of EasyReader version 5.01 which set new standards in the eBook and DAISY talking book market. Dolphin's AltFormat Product Manager Mattias Karlsson continues;

"EasyReader v5.01 was designed to be easy to use and fully accessible to keyboard users while remaining visually engaging to mouse users. The improvements made to the user experience in version 5.01 went a long way to cement EasyReader's status as THE software talking book playback tool."

To experience EPUB books with EasyReader version 5.10, visit the Dolphin booth 518 at ATIA Chicago in Chicago's Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center; October 28th thru 31st, 2009. To find out more about EasyReader version 5.10, visit the Dolphin Computer Access website.

Convert EPUB books into Accessible Large Print, DAISY, MP3 & Braille with EasyConverter version 5.01

Dolphin Computer Access is also pleased to announce the release of EasyConverter version 5.01 at ATIA Chicago, the essential software toolkit for creating large print, DAISY talking book, MP3 audio and Braille.

New to EasyConverter version 5.01 is support for converting unprotected EPUB files into accessible alternative formats, as well as numerous improvements that are designed to deal with the real issues that face people creating alternative format materials on a daily basis. Dolphin's AltFormat Produt Manager Mattias Karlsson explains;

"The addition of unprotected EPUB input enables EasyConverter users to benefit from the increasing availability of EPUB publications, which can be repurposed in whichever format the reader prefers. EasyConverter version 5.01 simplifies the process of creating alternative formats, whilst expertly guiding the user through the different steps involved in creating high quality alternative formats."

EasyConverter version 5.01 also includes an all new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Editor that incorporates the latest OmniPage 16 OCR technology, ensuring the scanning of PDF and paper documents is more accurate and easier than ever. To find out more about EasyConverter version 5.01, visit the Dolphin Computer Access website.

Deliver Instant DAISY Talking Books with EasyReader Express

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Exclusive to ATIA Chicago, Dolphin Computer Access will also be introducing a new and innovative solution for delivering DAISY talking book materials to a wider audience including vision impaired and learning disabled readers. EasyReader Express is a revolutionary service enabling corporate and not for profit organizations, Federal and State departments to deliver instant DAISY by "adding" EasyReader Express to their talking book content. Dolphin's AltFormat Product manager Mattias Karlsson explains more about this latest DAISY development;

"Dolphin has been leading in the field of DAISY production and playback tools for many years and EasyReader Express is no exception. As the world's fastest growing alternative format, the benefits of the DAISY format have been recognized by users and organizations internationally. But unlike large print and Braille, DAISY requires a playback tool and organizations cannot assume or guarantee that their users will have access to one.

"This is where EasyReader Express is different. EasyReader Express delivers instant DAISY to any Windows PC. There is no need to have an existing software DAISY player, it requires no installation and like its sibling product EasyReader, it is extremely easy and intuitive to use.

"We truly believe that EasyReader Express will enable the DAISY format to take its popularity to the next level and reach an even wider audience. Equally for those people who already know they prefer DAISY, EasyReader Express will offer a viable solution to enable organizations from around the world to confidently offer DAISY as one of their alternative formats options."

ATIA Chicago attendees can preview EasyReader Express at the Dolphin booth 518 at ATIA Chicago in Chicago's Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center; October 28th thru 31st, 2009. Alternatively to learn more about the forthcoming release of EasyReader Express, visit the Dolphin Computer Access website.

*Some EPUB formats are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) tools. These protected EPUB publications are currently not supported by the Dolphin Computer Access alternative format tools.

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