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SuperNova 15.04 with language switching

Frustrated by multiple languages in a document or website when using the speech function in your magnification or screen reading software? With automatic language switching, the newest feature to be added to SuperNova, the speech function recognises a change in alphabetic scripts and changes the synthesiser language accordingly; making screen reading a more fluent experience.

If you have the appropriate synthesiser language installed, you can automatically switch between many languages including Latin, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Greek, Hebrew, Hindi (Devanagari) and Russian (Cyrillic) scripts.

Please note that not all synthesisers support this feature. To learn more about available synthesiser languages please contact Dolphin or your local Dolphin dealer.

Read our tutorial for more information.

In addition, a language switching button has been added to the onscreen keyboard, enabling users to cycle through the available language layouts.

Use an MDV MB 248 Braille display? It's now compatible with SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader, and standalone ScreenReader.

We've also made some fixes and improvements to Connect & View, visuals, custom mouse pointers, TrueFonts, and Bookshelf. Full details can be found in the What's New on the product page.

Download a FREE no obligation demo of SuperNova 15.04 today directly from our website and trial it in your own home on your own computer for 30 days.

Ready to upgrade or buy? Call our UK office on 01905 754577 or contact your local dealer.


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