This March Dolphin is offering colleges and universities 4 amazing offers including free SuperNova training or free upgrades when you buy a Software Maintenance Agreement or even 'Disability Friendly' laptops.


OPTION 1: 'Disability Friendly' Laptops

What happens when your students' DSA equipment goes wrong?

Your disabled students may have their own DSA funded equipment, but who helps when it's returned for repair? Or even goes irreparably wrong?

A row of 3 laptops with magnification on screen

Ensure your disability office is equipped with 'Disability Friendly' laptops:

  • VI ready - Complete with magnification & screen reading software
  • Dyslexia ready - Talking, reading & writing software preinstalled
  • Rucksack style laptop bag
  • Microsoft Office & Antivirus protection
  • Perfect for short term loan to your disabled students

Call us today on 01905 754 577 to discuss your laptop requirements.

'Disability Friendly' Laptop = £1690 +VAT



OPTION 2: Free 2-day SuperNova training Course

What happens when your visually impaired students call your IT helpdesk?

What do you mean you don't use a mouse?


During March 2012, Dolphin is offering a free 2-day SuperNova training course worth £590 (RRP) with every SuperNova order. A 'total' solution for every visual impairment, order any single or multi user licence of SuperNova Access Suite and we'll throw in a free 2-day SuperNova training course at Dolphin's HQ in Worcester.

SuperNova Access Suite includes:

  • Magnification for students with partial sight *
  • Screen reading for blind students
  • Braille display support for your Braille readers
  • AND FREE SuperNova training for your IT help desk!

* Includes True Fonts high definition magnification for Internet Explorer 9

Call us today on 01905 754 577 to discuss your SuperNova & training requirements.

SuperNova Access Suite from £835 +VAT



OPTION 3: Trade-in your Old Screen Magnifier

Are your visually impaired students experiencing the same level of access to your college's IT like their fully sighted peers? Is your current screen magnifier able to fully support Internet Explorer 9? University moving to Windows 7?

Are your partially sighted students looking at this? When they should be looking at SuperNova's high definition True Fonts?

An Image showing Supernovas magnification smoothing out text

Trade-in your old Zoomtext licences, or other magnification software and receive a HUGE 35% off SuperNova.

Call us today on 01905 754 577 to discuss your trade-in requirements.

Trade-in for 35% off SuperNova



OPTION 4: SuperNova Owners - Save 50%

Are you a college or university that already owns an early version of SuperNova?

Image showing Supernova across 3 screens with speech and braille

If you are an existing SuperNova user and you purchase a Software Maintenance Agreement during March 2012, we'll waive your initial 'upgrade to current version' charge. That's a whopping 50% saving!

  • Magnification, speech & Braille display support
  • Support for Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 & Office 2010
  • Plus free upgrades & updates for the next 12 months!

Call us today on 01905 754 577 to discuss your SMA & upgrade requirements.

FREE SuperNova Upgrades when you buy an SMA

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