A sweet reward awaited the arrival of staff at Dolphin’s Worcester headquarters this morning in the shape of a number 13 cake! The spectacular cake follows last week’s release of SuperNova version 13 and is a gift from colleagues in our Swedish and Norwegian offices to congratulate everyone on their efforts.

The feedback from SuperNova users has been very positive. Rune Gjesdahl, Managing Director of Dolphin’s office in Norway comments: "I'm delighted at the launch of SuperNova 13. The team have delivered rapid and reliable screen reader web support that combines seamlessly with SuperNova’s True Font and Multiple Monitor technology to provide the most complete screen access to web pages in Internet Explorer. I am looking forward to showing SuperNova 13 to the Norwegian market."

An Image of the cake with a big 13 that says 'Well done! From Rune & Anders'

There are two cakes shaped like the numbers 1 and 3, each is decorated with coloured dots and the SuperNova icon in red, yellow and blue icing.

Taste version 13 yourself with a free 30 day trial of SuperNova, downloadable from the Dolphin website.

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