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British access technology specialists Dolphin Computer Access today announced immediate support for Windows 8 in eight of their software solutions for people with vision and print impairments. Offering simple computer access for people with sight loss, the ability to create and play accessible information, as well as reading and writing support for those with dyslexia, Dolphin is delivering independence to the widest possible audience on the same day that Microsoft have released their newest operating system.

Dolphin's Sales Director Steve Bennett explains the motivation behind the announcement:

"We know that it is imperative for our customers with vision impairments, dyslexia and those that require accessible information to have the same immediate access to the latest technology from Microsoft. It is really exciting to be announcing Windows 8 support in eight of our software solutions on the same day that Windows 8 is released."

Dolphin's full portfolio of tools to create and play accessible information are all Windows 8 compatible and include EasyConverter, EasyReader, EasyReader Express, EasyProducer and Dolphin Publisher. Also confirmed as supporting Windows 8 are Dolphin Guide and Guide HandsFree that offer simple talking computing for people with sight loss that are new to computers. For computer users with dyslexia, Dolphin SaySo's toolbar for reading and writing with confidence is also Windows 8 compatible.

SuperNova's magnification, speech and Braille access to Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 is planned as a staggered release starting later this year, with a free update for all version 13 customers. Dolphin do not recommend installing SuperNova v13 or earlier to Windows 8. However, early adopters of Windows 8 who would like to be involved in the private beta test programme should contact Dolphin's Quality and Design team at [email protected], describing their relevant skills and test systems.

The following products are immediately available and support Windows 8:

Simple talking computers for people with sight loss:

Dolphin Guide v6.033 - Simple talking computing for people with sight loss
Guide HandsFree v6.031 - The talking computer for people unable to use their hands

Create accessible information:

EasyConverter v5.06 - Make information accessible
EasyReader v6.03 - Accessible eBook and DAISY reader
EasyReader Express v6.03 - Deliver instant DAISY talking books
EasyProducer v2.04 - Digital talking book creation tool
Dolphin Publisher v3.03 - Create human narrated DAISY talking books

Reading & writing for people with dyslexia:

SaySo v1.02 - The reading and writing toolbar for dyslexia

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