Windows 10 is due for release on Wednesday 29th July and the feedback from the market is it's been worth waiting for!

But there's more good news; Windows 10 is a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. Yes, you read that right! So, the big question. Is Dolphin ready for Windows 10? Read on for yet more good news ...

Guide, EasyConverter, EasyReader & Publisher - All "Windows 10 ready"

Windows 10 logoWe're pleased to report that latest versions of Dolphin Guide,EasyConverter, EasyReader and Publisher are all "Windows 10 ready".

  • Dolphin Guide v9.04
  • Dolphin Publisher v3.51
  • EasyConverter v6.03
  • EasyReader v6.04

So what about SuperNova?

Upgrade to SuperNova 15 for Windows 10 support

SuperNova logo

SuperNova customers will need to upgrade to version 15 that will introduce support for Windows 10.

SuperNova 15 was exclusively previewed at Sight City in Frankfurt last month. Visitors to the show experienced SuperNova's True Fonts, touchscreen support, lag-free tracking & focus highlighting, all on Windows 10. SuperNova Screen Reader customers also had their first experiences of Windows 10.

Microsoft intends to release a series of Windows 10 updates in the first few days after the initial release on 29th July. To ensure SuperNova's widest compatibility with these updates, SuperNova 15 will be officially released shortly after Windows 10 is released.

But don't panic! Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 users have 12 months to guarantee receiving their free Windows 10 upgrade, so there is no need to worry about missing out.

Sign up for a SuperNova 15 Public Beta

Meanwhile, if you're looking to trial Windows 10 via Microsoft's 'Insider's Program', then you'll be pleased to hear that Dolphin will soon be releasing SuperNova 15 for Public Beta.

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Buy SuperNova now & Upgrade to v15 for FREE!

Looking for a Magnifier or Screen Reader now? There's no need to worry about missing out! Customers buying SuperNova Access Suite, Screen Magnifier, Reader Magnifier or Screen Reader, (or upgrading from an earlier version) will receive a free upgrade to v15 with Windows 10 support when it's released.

Contact Sales or your local Dolphin Dealer to order your copy.

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