Windows 10 - Need help to upgrade?Microsoft's offer of a FREE Windows 10 upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users ends on Friday 29th July 2016.  If you'd like to make the switch but think you might need a little help, read on for details of how Dolphin can help you make the transition, hassle free!


Using Windows 7 or 8 with SuperNova or Guide?

Make the move to Windows 10 with a helping hand from Dolphin!

Package 1 - FROM £209 + VAT includes:

  • Windows 10 upgrade
  • SuperNova or Guide upgrade
  • All installed & optimised for you
  • Collection and return of your PC or laptop

Call or email Sales on 01905 754 577 and ask about Package 1.


Old XP computer? Trade it in today!

Old XP Computer with Guide or SuperNova?  Trade it in Today!

If your old Windows XP computer is feeling sluggish, why not trade it in for a brand new Windows 10 PC?

Package 2 - FROM £494 + VAT includes:

  • New Windows 10 laptop or desktop unit
  • SuperNova or Guide upgrade
  • Collection of your old PC
  • Data transfer, setup and optimisation
  • Delivery included

Call or email Sales on 01905 754 577 and ask about Package 2.

Picture of PC

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