Man wearing glasses sitting on the floor with a laptopOne of the great things about blogging is that it gives people a platform to share their thoughts and connect with other like minded computer users. Blogs may be themed around a particular subject, or cover lots of different elements. A blogger's online site is theirs to do with as they choose.

Blogs are also great for dispelling myths about blind people, because the blogger will often talk about their every day life, hobbies and interests as though talking to a friend. They can be educational, insightful and of course fun to read!

We asked our Twitter followers to share their blog links, so here are some you might like to take a look at.

White Cane Gamer

More about the blogger: "I am a stay at home dad with a passion for gaming, programming and to be honest, little skill in either category. That doesn’t stop me from loving both however and wanting to improve."

Luke Sam Sowden

More about the blogger: "I suffer from a hereditary eye condition known as Retinitis Pigmentosa, or RP for short. This means I also suffer from tunnel vision, well it’s more like looking through a funnel, and night blindnes. I would put my blog squarely in the category of lifestyle. From health and beauty to food, and from fashion to things that happen because i’m visually impaired, there’s a little bit of everything."

Key of Can't C

More about the blogger: "I'm Gabriella, I am freshman in college studying Music Therapy. Oh yeah--and I'm blind! Follow along with me as I take on college, and all of the challenges that come with being blind."

Life of a Blind Girl

More about the blogger: "I am a blind student studying Children, young people and families at York St John University with the aim of supporting other blind and visually impaired people like myself when I graduate. I have been blind since birth, I suffer from an eye condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)."

Catch These Words

More about the blogger: "I am a blind student from the UK who is passionate about sharing my life with the world. I believe that through my writing, public speaking and videos I can change perceptions about blindness and alter the way disabled people are viewed by society. It is my goal to improve the situation for other disabled people through social change."

My Random Musings

More about the blogger: "Featuring a 20-something blind college student who just wants to find her place in the world. As a blind person, I can never find enough well-written blogs centered around our lives, and not necessarily blindness or how blind people cope. So, this is my blog and these are my experiences."

Blind Intuition

More about the blogger: "Sarah Hocking created Blind Intuition after becoming legally blind and a mother at the same time. Follow her journey as she reaches independence, gains her identity back and strives to break down pre concieved ideas about people who are blind or have low vision."

Blog of a VI girl

More about the blogger: "My name is Rebecca and I’m 20 (ish) and I am currently at university in Derby studying Creative Writing. I’m registered blind and my eye conditions include Rod and Cone Dystrophy and Nystagmus. I just thought it would be nice for anyone to read about my day to day life, laugh at my rants and rambles and overall, I want to try and remove the stigma around the invisible disability that is being visually impaired, especially as a young person."

Real Life Humour

More about the blogger: "My name is Marc, I am legally blind, I suffer with a condition called LHON. Basically it means that my central vision is rubbish although I can see shapes and outlines of things, detail perception is totally gone. I am 29 years old and I live in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. I love sport. I am a Manchester United fan and I also play cricket for Gloucestershire (well, the blind side anyway)."

My Blurred World

More about the blogger: "I am a sixth form student, aspiring journalist and blogger. I am a visually impaired beauty and fashion lover and the aim of my blog is to raise awarness of disability and to change people’s perceptions of disabled people. I was diagnosed with a degenrative eye condition known as Retinits Pigmentosa when I was six years of age and have since been registered as being severely sight impaired. My vision is quite blurry and that is where the name of my blog came from."

Blind Moving On

More about the blogger: "My name is Ashley Nemeth. I am a wife and mother of 3 lovely children. I have been visually impaired from birth due to Ocular Albinism. I have decided to write this blog to help myself and hopefully anyone else going through the same things through these times when your mind is full and you don’t know where to go."

Alex Mann

More about the blogger: "I am a creative writing and media student who is passionate about technology. The aims of these posts are for me to rant, but more importantly,  an attempt to bridge across the common misunderstandings and misconceptions between sighted and blind folks. So expect a combination of sarcasm, funny anecdotes, and maybe some controversial points of view."

My Disability Forum

More about the blogger: "I'm Dale Reardon, Founder of My Disability Matters (MDM). I am 46 and have been blind since the age of 17. My seeing eye dog Charlie is 7 and is my fourth dog. I want MDM to be your place to come to for information and advice on issues that are important to you."

Are you or someone you know a visually impaired blogger who'd like a shout out? Get in touch via our Twitter page!

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