When Microsoft introduced Windows 10, they announced it would be the final ever Windows release. There will be no Windows 11; instead Microsoft will continually update Windows 10 while retaining the same name.

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There have already been some updates since Windows 10 was released back in 2015, but you may not be aware of them because they've been minor updates which haven't affected your assistive technology.

This month, Microsoft are rolling out their latest update - Windows Creators Update - and this time it's a major update which will have an impact on assistive technology.

The good news from Dolphin is that SuperNova will be fully compatible thanks to our FREE update, which will be available to existing users through SuperNova's internet updater.

SuperNova 15 users will need to update to version 15.06, and SuperNova 16 users will be prompted to update to version 16.03. SuperNova USB (Dolphin Pen) customers can download a free patch from the Dolphin website:

Version 16.03 is available now, and version 15.06 will be available shortly, but there's no need to panic! Microsoft will check all computers for compatible assistive technology software before they push the Creators update through, so if you haven't downloaded the latest version of SuperNova Microsoft will NOT update your computer automatically.

Want to know more? Read our FAQ section.

What about next time there's a Windows update?

Because of Microsoft's new rolling updates approach, the best way to ensure continuing compatibility is to stay up to date with the latest version of SuperNova, and the most cost effective way to do that is by joining our SuperNova SMA program.

Are you an individual user? Your SMA will:

  • cost less than a single upgrade
  • include 2 major upgrades (representing a 50% saving on purchasing single upgrades individually)
  • include unlimited updates, FREE, for approximately 36 months

Are you an organisation? With your SMA you will:

  • Receive FREE major upgrades and minor updates for 12 months
  • Be able to plan your annual budgets, with no surprise costs
  • Choose your renewal date to suit your annual budgets

Mike Hill, Technical Director at Dolphin explains:

“Windows 10 is evolving fast and some of the changes ‘under the hood’ are pretty fundamental.  The Windows 10 Creators Update is a good example. The challenge for people like me and other AT developers is to develop our solutions to be as flexible and future proof as possible.  We’re actively involved in the Insider Build program so we can see and test the updates before they make it to the public. It’s because of this approach we’re pleased to report that SuperNova is fully compatible with the Creators Update.

Windows 10 is constantly evolving, so we have to too.  All users of Windows 10 with assistive technology, including our SuperNova customers, should understand that to ensure compatibility with the latest Windows 10 updates they must keep their access software up to date as well.

SuperNova’s updates and upgrades will continue in earnest, parallel to the scheduled Windows 10 updates.  We believe this approach ensures our SuperNova customers are offered the same up to date access as their sighted friends, students and fellow employees.  The simplest and most affordable way to keep pace is with a SuperNova Software Maintenance Agreement or SMA.”

To find out more about our SMA program call us on 01905 754577, send us a message, or contact your local dealer.



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