Upgrade now to save money AND get Windows 10 support


Save Money spelt out in 3D letters

SuperNova version upgrades are banded based on how old they are, meaning that the older the version you're running the more it might cost you to upgrade to the most recent version.

Currently, SuperNova 11 sits in the lower cost upgrade band - just £150.

When SuperNova 15 is released, version 11 will drop into the older price bracket, and the cost to upgrade will double.

To avoid this expense and to benefit from the our latest technology, you can upgrade today!

OK, so SuperNova 15 isn’t released yet, but if you upgrade to our latest version 14.06 now, you’ll be entitled to a free upgrade to version 15 when we release it. And, in the meantime, you get the benefit of 14.06 - our most stable version yet - to enjoy all the latest features and improvements.

If you’re not sure whether Windows 10 and SuperNova 15 are for you then why not try our public beta? Available via our website for 30 days, it’s completely free and you can also share your thoughts and feedback via a dedicated email address.

Also, as always, SuperNova 14.06 can be accessed as a free download for 30 days.

But act quickly – with SuperNova 15 due for release fairly soon, the opportunity to get the best price is limited.

Call our sales team on 01905 754 577 for more information or to buy your upgrade.


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