Good news if you're a Guide user - you can now use the latest version of Skype!

In March we advised that Microsoft had made some changes to their software which made it incompatible with Guide. As a result, Guide users couldn't access Skype.

We've been working on a fix since then, with a view to bringing back this important feature, and we've now made some changes so that Skype is once again usable through the Guide interface.

Skype logo

At the time of writing the version of Skype offered for download on the Skype website is still 7.33 which does not work with Guide. After downloading and installing 7.33 customers need to then choose “Check for Updates” found in  Skype’s “Help” menu to pull down the very latest version.

As always, if you encounter any problems or need any help, please contact our support team.


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