Accessible information for every visually impaired person in a developing country. EasyConverter Express


Today sees the launch of a new app which will help blind and partially sighted people in developing countries to access information in braille, large print and audio formats.


The free app, called Dolphin Converter, has been developed by Dolphin with support from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and grant support from as a gift to the World Blind Union (WBU) and International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI).


It is estimated that there are 253 million people worldwide with vision impairment, and it is hoped that this app will reach many of those living in developing countries.


Dolphin Converter will enable the production of braille, large print, MP3 and DAISY talking book formats from Word files through a set of simple menus. Kevin Carey, Chair of the World Braille Council and outgoing Chair of RNIB, said:


“I truly believe Dolphin Converter is a game changing development for the millions of people living with sight loss in developing countries. It is a fabulously simple product, specifically designed to get braille, large print and audio to blind and partially sighted people in the world’s poorest countries. It’s free and immediately available and I hope that it will make a big difference in terms of access to information and literacy.”

Dolphin Converter is available in English, French & Portuguese and is a free download for individuals with sight loss or organisations working with blind and partially sighted children and adults in developing countries.

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