Dolphin EasyReader

Last year, we launched our EasyReader accessible reading app, for people with blindness, low vision and dyslexia. Available for download from the iOS App Store or Google Play, EasyReader empowers readers with a vision or print impairment to browse and read books and papers from 20+ digital libraries.

Apparently, EasyReader's premium quality has raised some questions about whether it will always continue to be a free app. We confirm that EasyReader for iOS and Android will always be free to individual users and will continue to support the DAISY and EPUB formats.

With ongoing support from our partner libraries, we are committed to free EasyReader app usage by library members of library content. We often receive new requests from libraries all over the world - you can find a full list on the library page of the website.


You can read more from Noel Duffy, our CEO, about the sustainability of free EasyReader in this article in the DAISY Planet.


Finally, EasyReader was recently confirmed as the most accessible reading app for iOS, Android and Windows by EPUBTest.Org - you can find out more in our news item.


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