Low vision? Blind? Partially Sighted? Visually Impaired?

If you, or someone you know, has a vision impairment, then you'll know that NOT having the right technology can prevent you from doing everyday things that others take for granted. Whether you're a total technology beginner or have lots of previous experience, Dolphin's solutions for tablets, phones and computers will complement your sight, suit your experience and enrich your life. Get hands-on with the latest technology for sight loss at a free event near you:

Dolphin GuideConnect

Join us at a Dolphin event and find out more about GuideConnect - the simplest talking technology for sight loss. Experience effortless email, entertainment and internet with GuideConnect's ...

  • Simple step-by-step menus that help you complete every task
  • High contrast large print text, as BIG as your eyes need
  • Human sounding voices guide you every step of the way
  • Touch, remote, keyboard or mouse access
  • Voice input - dictate your emails, documents, or search the internet

Plus you can choose GuideConnect on a device that suits you - tablet, TV box with remote or on a computer.

GuideConnect shown on a: laptop, desktop PC, touchscreen tablet & TV Box with remote control





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