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Experience the simplest, latest technology for sight loss on the largest screen in your home!

If you're new to technology or just lack confidence, sit back in your favourite chair, with our tactile remote control in hand, and let GuideConnect talk you through every step of the way.

You can get started straight away and easily search the web, write letters and documents, or browse and download your favourite book. In addition, our voice input feature has made things even simpler. Dictate a quick email to a friend or search “Alexa-style” for the weather in Google!

Always Simple To Use

GuideConnect has been designed for people with sight loss:

  • Clear step-by-step menus help you complete every task
  • High contrast large print, as big as you need
  • A human sounding voice guides you every step of the way
  • 2 hours free telephone training to get you up-and-running
  • UK telephone support available – just in case


A Remote Control You Can Talk To

The new GuideConnect remote control empowers you to:

  • Search the web with your spoken questions
  • Dictate emails, documents and letters - fast and accurate
  • Search for book titles simply – no more toiling through long lists



Effortless Email, Entertainment and Internet

Open up a whole new world with GuideConnect:

  • Read emails or quickly compose your own to friends
  • Search the web with just the Dolphin remote and your voice
  • Listen to your favourite radio stations and podcasts
  • Browse, download and read books from the dozens of accessible books libraries
  • Read your local or national newspaper, delivered daily


VIDEO: See GuideConnect on the TV in Action!


If you have access to a Windows 10 laptop, desktop or tablet, you can try GuideConnect for yourself. Choose from:

Option 1: Trial GuideConnect AND a Remote - Just £20

You can try GuideConnect AND a remote for 30 days, for just £20. That’s less than 70p a day!  We'll include 30-days of product support by phone and 2 hours of telephone training too!


Option 2: Download a GuideConnect Trial - Free

Download a completely free 30-day trial. We'll even include product support for your total peace of mind. 


Option 3: Request a Trial CD of GuideConnect - Free

Prefer to receive your trial on CD? We'll post you a copy, complete with a handy guide to get you started. 



What does GuideConnect on the TV include?

Superb if you are partially-sighted and want large screen access from the comfort of your sofa!

The GuideConnect TV Package includes:

  • TV Box with GuideConnect
  • The new Dolphin Remote
  • Wireless large print keyboard
  • Wireless mouse
  • GuideConnect Annual Support
    • Updates and upgrades for 1 year
    • Telephone support for 1 year
  • 2 hours telephone training

Price: £770


Looking for a different type of device?

If the big screen isn’t your thing, then GuideConnect is available on a range of other devices to fit your lifestyle and your sight:

GuideConnect on a laptop (and remote control)

Ideal for people with all types of sight loss, who want to tackle their to-do list but need a portable solution.

Explore the Laptop package

GuideConnect on a desktop (and remote control)

Perfect for people with all types of sight loss, who prefer traditional keyboard access at their desk.

Explore the Desktop Package

GuideConnect on a tablet (and remote control)

Excellent if you are partially sighted and are looking for a portable solution, with all the benefits of a touchscreen.

Explore the Tablet Package


Already a GuideConnect Customer?

If you’re an existing GuideConnect user, we’ve released an update. GuideConnect 1.09 includes:
•    NEW: Dolphin Remote with voice input is now available. To use voice input on the new Dolphin Remote, simply hold the voice input button while in an edit area, then speak the text you would like to enter.
•    You can now play and pause radio stations and podcasts from anywhere in the product. Just press F3 to open the ‘help and information’ menu and select ‘pause’.
•    A new option for ‘my saved attachments’ has been added to the email menu, making it a lot easier to find attachments you have saved.

For full details of all improvements in GuideConnect v1.09, read the complete 'What's New?'

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