Free SuperNova for visually impaired children Learning at Home. Choose 3 months free access to any edition of SuperNova.

Choose 3 months FREE access to any edition of SuperNova:  Magnifier, Magnifier & Speech or Magnifier & Screen Reader.

In this unusual time of crisis, our first wishes are for the health and well-being of your families. However during this difficult days, we know that many visually impaired students will not have access to their normal assistive technology at home. It is just as important that blind and partially sighted children and young people have the opportunity to continue their learning whilst stydying at home. Therefore, Dolphin would like to offer every visually impaired student, 3 months of free SuperNova, for their home laptop or desktop computer.

Follow our 3 simple steps to request your FREE 3 month SuperNova access:

1. Download a free trial of SuperNova. Choose from 3 editions to suit your learners’ visual impairment:

2. Complete our simple online form

3. We’ll email you a special code to extend your trial to 3 months!

If you need product support or assistance with the installation, we’re here to help. We also have lots of free online learning resources that parents and students can follow module-by-module, or dip in and out of as time permits.


Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Keep safe.

The Dolphin Team

To ensure that every visually impaired student has the assistive technology they need to continue their education at home during these difficult months, we'd be grateful if you could spread the word. Plese share this story using the links below.

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